PES 2021 Chants Server v1.05 by Nesa24 & Zlac

PES 2021

PES 2021 Chants Server by Nesa24

New chants server module by Nesa24. Also thanks to Zlac for description.

What does this server do?
When game decides do play any of its own default chants (originating from chants related .awb files), this script replaces the current default chant with custom chant. It will randomly select custom chant that belongs either to home team or away team. Or the special "Matches of Life" chants (a.k.a. derby chants) which are assigned to specific combinations of home and away teams.

What this server cannot do?
It cannot force game to play chants when we want them to play - game decides it is time for chant, and Chants Server replaces default chant/cheer with custom one.
Replacement chants are selected in a purely random manner - if RNG decides so, it may play away team's chants way more often than home team's chants.

How to install:

1. Download & Extract chants server
3. Copy Chants-Server.lua file to your modules folder
4. Copy sample chants (entire Chants-Server folder from the archive) to your sider's content folder
5. Add line lua.module = "Chants-Server.lua" to your sider.ini file
6. Save it and done !

Sample content includes several chants for Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid and Tottenham, as well as some derby ("matches of life") chants for the pairings Man Utd-Chelsea, Arsenal-Tottenham, Chelsea-Tottenham and Barcelona-Real Madrid.

How to assign chants to teams:

1. Organize your generic team chants in folders as you wish, under contents\Chants-Server folder (see sample files for ideas and examples) - ideally, one folder per team
2. You can have as many chants as you want in any team's folder (.mp3 files)
3. You must register team's folder in Chants-Server.txt file (located in contents\Chants-Server folder) - again, check the sample Chants-Server.txt file to see examples. You must assign team's folder to the appropriate teamID - e.g.

101, Arsenal

101 is Arsenal's teamID and this will instruct Chants Server to play songs from your sider's content\Chants-Server\Arsenal folder if Arsenal is either home or away team in a match.

4. Whenever you have added or removed .mp3 files to any folders, always run Listsongs.exe (located in contents\Chants-Server folder) to generate up-to-date version of Chants-List.txt file - only the chant files listed in Chants-List.txt file can be used in game

How to assign special derby ("matches of life") chants:

1. Derby chants .mp3 files must be located in content\MATCHES OF LIFE folder - folder which is named exactly like that (as it already is in sample content) and derby chants may only be in that folder. No subfolders allowed either.

2. Derby chants always belong to specific team pairs - therefore you must use the [TeamIDvsTeamID] prefix at the beginning of a derby chant file name: e.g. a derby chant for Liverpool (teamID 103) and Everton (teamID 177) must use [103vs177] prefix to its name - such as [103vs177]silly-name-for-a-silly-rivalry.mp3 :P See the sample content\MATCHES OF LIFE folder for more examples

3. You may have multiple derby chants belonging to the same pair of teams.

4. Whenever you have added or removed .mp3 files to MATCHES OF LIFE folder, always run Listderby.exe (located in contents\Chants-Server folder) to generate up-to-date version of Derby-List.txt file - only the derby chant files listed in Derby-List.txt file can be used in game

In a nutshell, if you've registered Liverpool's and Everton's generic chant folders to their respective teamIDs in Chants-Server.txt file and if you happen to have one or more chants with [103vs177] prefix in content\MATCHES OF LIFE folder, then for a match between Liverpool and Everton, Chants Server will randomly select .mp3 files from either Liverpool's generic folder or Everton's generic folder or the [103vs177]-prefixed derby files from "matches of life" folder. In a purely random manner - no guarantees to their order and frequency.

v1.05 update - chants can now be assigned to Player ID or Coach ID

How to add player chants

1. Player chants must be added to the content\Chants-Server\PLAYERS-COACH folder (exact "PLAYERS-COACH" name is required)

2. Actual player chants must be placed within numbered subfolders - names of the subfolders must be the actual Player IDs

- e.g. to assign chants to CR7, you have to put his chants in content\Chants-Server\PLAYERS-COACH\4522 folder (4522 is CR7's player ID)

- likewise, to have chants specific for Nemanja Matic, you have to put them in content\Chants-Server\PLAYERS-COACH\40240 folder (Matic ID: 40240)

3. You should be able to put more than one chant in each Player-ID folder

4. Whenever you have added or removed .mp3 files to PLAYERS-COACH folder, always run Listplayers.exe (located in contents\Chants-Server folder) to generate up-to-date version of Players-Coach-List.txt file - only the chant files listed in Players-Coach-List.txt file can be used in game

Player IDs can differ from patch to patch, but you know that already ...

What is it doing with player chants, in a nutshell?

When the match is played, player/coach chants are simply added to the existing collection of team-based chants. And then the random numbers generator selects one of them (either team chant or player chant, for the home team or the away team), as it used to do for team chants only in previous versions - purely random, no guarantees to their order and frequency.

We currently have no idea if Chants Server does or does not interfere with any real chants that may exist in Konami's .awb files - if it does prevent any of them from being used, at any time or part of the match, then consider it as a bug that will probably never be fixed.

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  1. works well in exhibition and new carrer in ML, but crash when load or continue ML.. any solution?


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