PES 2021 Patch PES Mobile v5.6 converted to PC Season 2021/2022

PES 2021 Patch PES Mobile converted to PC Season 2021/2022 by SMcCutcheon

PES 2021 Patch PES Mobile converted to PC Season 2021/2022 by SMcCutcheon

A standalone minipatch for eFootball PES 2021 PC. Remember this is standalone patch that includes database, player transfers, icons. You still need kits & faces. Not compatible with any patches. It's made by SMcCutcheon.

Thread :


Players and squads updated to Mobile v5.6 (Still some transfers missing, Dani Alves for example)
Appearances included
Deleted relegated and fake teams and players
All 'Fake' players (minus AFC) converted to Real IDs
A lot of 'Fake' players renamed (those still needing renamed are marked with a '-' at the start of their name)
Added team emblems for all teams (Source:
Competition names and logos updated for the new season (Hopefully I've got them all, if not let me know)
J1 League and J2 included, J1 in PAS - J2 in Other Teams Asia
ML looks like it works but I've not tested 100% (Again, let me know if there's an issue)


Added Panathinaikos to Other Teams Europe
Deleted Fake Chinese Super League Players, Teams remain in their slots with no players (Real players will be added and squads updated in coming versions)
Renamed all but 100 of the Fake Players, remaining fake players have a * next to their name (See list in thread)
Renamed fake players have "FP CHECK SHIRTNAME" under their Japanese Name, basically as a reminder for me to go back to them and check the shirt names.
Other bits and pieces where I thought necessary


1. Unpack contents of zip in to livecpk in Sider and add the following line in the Sider.ini

"cpk.root = ".\livecpk\pes2022"

2. Done


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