PES 2021 Inferno Addon 4.4.8 Winter Transfer Season 2021/2022

PES 2021 Inferno Addon Winter Transfer Season 2021/2022

PES 2021 Inferno Addon & Sleeve Badge Mod Fix 2021/2022 by John Roma  & Gabriele-150115

Database Addon for SmokePatch 21 V4. You need SmokePatch 21 V4 before using this addon. This mod is made by John Roma. Also include Sleeve Badge Fix by gabriele-150115.

- Only works with SmokePatch 21 V4. Make sure you're using latest version before using this mod !

- Visit thread for more updates :

Changelog 4.4.4 :

- 1304 players into free agents added from serie C in collaboration with Umberto87s (IDs > 200000)
- Several other inferno wonderkids added especially in south america
Spoiler: other adds
- refreshed stats, tactics, positions across European Leagues
- Many nationality, appearance fixes and other miscellaneous updates

Requirements : 

- SmokePatch21.4.4 (Feb 15 2022) or SmokePatch21.4.5
- Hoppus bootback with gabriele-150115 assignments to fix the invisible missing feet problem in case you are experiencing it
- Sider by juce to enable live CPK
- SLEEVE MOD fix to make sure that smoke can read sleeve badges in unlicensed teams if that is very important to you (thanks gabriele-150115)
- THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY EXE THAT HAS STARTING YEAR SET TO 2021; if you are using a modded exe make sure that it doesnt have it implemented. If it is implemented, then ensure you use ML starting year software to reset to 2020
- Love for football

Features : 


1- Around 3560 new players on top of smoke 21.4.4/5 (including 1307 serie C players - see 17 and 480 Bundesliga2 players - see 18, thanks @Yaw for created players in Brazil) added including around 300 players never seen in the PES series (see within the IDs 72000 to 73100 and some IDs in excess of 155000 created by Toni Tony)
********All player IDs by team and competition are in the zipped excel file MegaDatabase.xlsx from the current or latest release ***********

2- Thousands of winter window transfers and around 1000 registered loans as of April 20th based on Transfermarkt (done every day since January 1st!!!) with focus on Europe and major transfers in US and South America (sorry no Japan at all)
********There is as squad size limitation of 40 players so loaned players would not return if the squad size is at 40 already at the start of your ML save. To overcome this, remove youth or unneeded players from your team prior to starting your ML********
********Players loaned out to teams not in game are made to stay at their parent club in most cases********
********Not very accurate on south america and asia transfers*******
********Some transfers are done on the Edit especially for Sao Paolo due to issues in ejogc********

3- Thousands of updates including stats, positions, skills, playing styles, jersey numbers and appearances (name spelling, eye and skin color, face dimensions, physical appearances, sleeves edits by Hoppus and likenessess for most added players without a made face)

4- Fixes to improve gameplay experience (e.g., aggression boosts for more midfield battles, offensive GKs so that goalkeepers go out on corners and 1 on 1 situations, kick animations, no ugly tucked shirts, eye color 1 replaced by 2, no arm movement 2 etc)

5- Tactics updates for the top 4 European leagues and other select popular teams across Europe.
********La Liga and EPL tactics bases are from SpoonyPizzas, updated. Italy tactics are the most thorough and inferno exclusive. For France, Germany and all other European teams they are less thorough, but should be ok more or less ********

6- Major update to the valuation system especially thorough for top 100 most expensive players and teams in other Europe/Americas/Asia teams.

7- Other miscellaneous fixes including regulation and bench size (no changes made to the previous versions shared - use the one that meets your preferences or keep the original smoke one if you want)

8- Aguero age changed to 49 and made extremely expensive as he retired while Greenwood, Mendy and Sigurdsson were deleted. No other players have been removed or dropped.

9- Tens of nationality and weak leg fixes based on

10- Overhaul of contract dates including implementing the list of the most known players who will be available on a bossman at the end of the season:

11- Shifted up the overall growth curves for players aged between 15 and 22 with overall less than 75 and potential at 84 or higher in sofifa, as well as other selected players

12- Implemented a fix to reduce excessive GK rotation by the AI during master league

13- Implemented a fix to make outfield players more prone to injury

14- Added compatibility to Hawke's mlmyteam and Soulballz's ML manager mod:

15- Increased GK reflex and physical strength stat, reduced jump to have more realistic goalkeepers (thanks Ribas2810 for the suggestions)

16- Proper Names instead of upper case for player names only

17- 1307 players from italian serie C added into free agents thanks to the work of Umberto87s Umberto obtained the accurate market valuation for these players based on transfermarkt

18- 480 players added from Bundesliga2 into free agents thanks to the work of Ben23384 (faces of players with changed IDs will be provided separately from the release)

Instruction :

--- !!!!!! Before installing you need to ensure your sider has no other references to the following bin files
(Player.bin, PlayerAssignment.bin, PlayerAppearance.bin)

--- Database Addon (this is all the players and features of this addon)
- copy InfernoDB into your livecpk folder
- insert this line in your sider.cfg
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\InfernoDB"
- Copy the included edit file into your Documents folder (Advise you back up your edit file before replacing it)

--- 10-12 Bench Players Addon (Optional) - thanks to my friend gabriele-150115 for his support on competition structures
- To add the squad size rule of 10 to 12 or 12 bench players,
- Copy the Regulation folder from the zip into your livecpk folder
- insert at the very top in your sider config
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Regulation"
- Make sure your sider has no other references to the following bins
CompetitionRegulation.bin, CompetitionEntry.bin

PES 2021 Inferno Addon by John Roma & Gabriele-150115



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  2. Is your kits are 2048 for AC Milan as an example ?
    Thanks for the answer, i'm looking for the best kits for european clubs.


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