PES 2021 FIFA 22 Chants Premier League by VuZet

PES 2021 FIFA 22 Chants by VuZet

PES 2021 Real Atmosphere MOD FIFA 22 Chants Exported by VuZet

New Chants server from FIFA 22 to be used for PES 2021. This mod is made by VuZet. It's made based on Chant Server by Nesa24. Can also be used as addon chants by rehderduda or standalone. Chants will continuously plays an mp3 file throughout the match.

Thread :

Recommend turning down the volume of the commentary and in-game stadium sound (from 15 to 12 each - in-game audio settings.)

MP3 Info :

Mp3 Files Bit Rate - 184kb/s
Mp3 Sample rate - 48000hz
Lenght of an mp3 file - up to 25 minutes (so it's long enough to play 14 minutes long matches).

Content Info :

Each MP3 contains all chants added by EA Sports for each team, including some additional crowd reactions such as clapping, booing, or the stadium announcers' audio that you can hear during the match as well

Teams included

- Arsenal
- Aston Villa
- Brentford
- Brighton & Hove Albion
- Burnley
- Chelsea
- Crystal Palace
- Everton
- Leeds United
- Leicester City
- Liverpool
- Manchester City
- Manchester United
- Newcastle United
- Norwich City
- Southampton
- Tottenham Hotspur
- Watford
- West Ham United
- Wolverhampton Wanderers

Preview video - Headphones recommended.

Preview :

Installation :

A. Chants for Premier League teams only - no need to download Rehderduda's mod.

1. Unpack chantsLong.lua to "modules" folder (sider)
2. Unpack ChantsTeamsV1 folder to "content" folder (sider).
3. Add this line in "sider.ini" file (on top of the luas list).

lua.module = "chantsLong.lua"


B. For Rehderduda's mod.

2. Replace "England" folder in sider ChantsTeamsV1 folder (all Premier League teams have the same IDs in any patches such as Dream Patch, VRed, EvoWeb etc).

3. Open up a lua. file (from Rehderduda's mod) and edit this bit (ctrl+F - find a word Newcastle):

elseif teamid == 106 then
chants = .. "content\\ChantsTeamsV1\\Chants\\Teams\\England\\NewcastleUnited.mp3")



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