PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 WORLD AIO PACK COMPLETE by Simomkd

PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 by Simomkd

New kitserver pack national teams by simomkd. To use this kitpack, you must install Sider 7 & KitServer 2020.

*Updated 21-11-2021

Thread :

Features :

Standard (no badge) for friendly match
national cup:
CONMEBOL Copa America - Argentina & Bolivia 2021 (CONCACAF will be added, as in game it shares competion instead of 2 Asian teams)
CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Cameroun 2022
AFC Asian Cup - China 2023
UEFA NAtions League
World Cup Qatar 2022
World Cup Qatar 2022 - Qualifying

List NT :

Map Teams : or

Map Compt : or

Installation :

- Download all 8 parts and extract files in a temp folder
- Remove all the previous packs, this pack is full AIO for all the countries in the game
- Copy AIO pack into your Sider path (...\content\kitserver)
- Add strings from map.txt and map_comp.txt into your .txt file within your kitserver's installation path

Note from Simomkd

map_comp.txt in the .rar has UEFA Nations League activated by default in fake Konami Cup.
If you want Gold cup instead, you have to remove the "#" from Gold cup lines and add to Nations League lines

All the teams use real_IDs so they can work with any patch (Evo-Web, Dream Patch, VirtuaRed...), you just need to check your map.txt and map_comp.txt.
PS. Smokepatch uses a unpleaseant-locked installer for Sider folders, always check if you're able to copy/add/replace files before asking for help

All the kits have been tested and work correctly.
If you find some minor issue (wrong sleeve colors, missing numbers, over-copied variations), it could be due to a faulty copy&paste procedure and I can easily fix it.

If you are not able to see ANY kit or badges are not activated, etc... it will due to bad configuration within .txt files or folders.
Here some cases alredy discussed/fixed:
I can't see variations during kit selection --> check inside gk_order/order.ini if string names match with folder names. Check also if competition in map_comp.txt is correct
I can't see badges on the shirt when I play a competition match --> same as before
kits are not "active" --> check you folder installation, check in sider.log if kitserver is working properly
kits appears blank --> check configuration inside config.txt, most of the time the string "KitFile=uxxxxpy" points to a wrong/non-existent file


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PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 by Simomkd

PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 by Simomkd

PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 by Simomkd

PES 2021 Nationals Kit Packs 2021 by Simomkd


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  1. How do I get the tournaments and additional teams after I've downloaded this pack? I am using the evoweb patch


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