PES 2021 Chants Mod v0.4 by Vlaf

PES 2021 Chants Mod by Vlaf

New Chants Mod for PES 2021 PC.

This mod plays chants 6-10 times in every match. The chants will be randomly picked from your list of chants Home Team ID + _1, _2, _3 etc. If the home team has no chants, generic chants will be played instead. The mod also supports loosing chants, derby chants and league specific chants.

NOTE : If you find any bugs related to this mod please let report to official thread below

Thread :

How to install:

1. Copy chants folder to /"sider folder"/content/audio-demo/

2. Copy chants.lua folder to /"sider folder"/modules/

3. Add to your sider.ini

lua.module = "chants.lua" 

4. Run the game from sider.exe

Mod Settings

-Adjust chants global volume by opening the chants.lua file, and set the volume variable in the top of the file between 0-1. Default volume is 0.35.
-Remember the volume can vary if some audio files have different volumes.
-Adjust maximum number of fallback chants by opening the chants.lua file, and edit the max_random_chants variable.
-Adjust maximum number of loosing chants by opening the chants.lua file, and edit the max_loosing_chants variable.
-Adjust maximum number of derby chants opening the chants.lua file, and edit the max_derby_chants variable.
-Adjust maximum number of league chants by opening the chants.lua file, and edit the max_league_chants variable.



- You can now add your own derby chants without writing any code.
- You can now add your own league chants (used for teams with no chants or cups) without writing any code.
- You can now add your own team specific league chants for regional cups without writing any code.
- A chant should no longer be played 2 times in a row, except if there's only one chant
- Added Shuffle logic that automatically picks sounds from Fallback, League and Generic chants depending on how many chants a team or league have
- Optimized loosing chants function
- Chants now fades when a goal is scored
- Chants will now also be played in extra time
- Moved old hardcoded derby and cup files to EPL sound pack v2.
- Hardcoded away and boring match chants now works with British cups/leagues instead of specific teams.

- This mod requires sider mod by juce, try to download the newest version if you have troubles with Chants mod
- If the mod is not working at all, try to add this to your sider.ini: match-stats.enabled = 1
- If the sounds are too quiet or too loud, adjust the chants_volume modules/chants.lua
- If you have performance problems, try to decrease the max_random_chants number in the modules/chants.lua

Known issues:
- If you are using a patch that changes the vanilla game Team ID's then you'll have to rename your .mp3 files according to the patch ID's.
- If you have Preds-ads installed and is playing a league you haven't downloaded ads for, it can somehow cause this mod not to play any chants for teams in that league, I don't know why. I've have experienced this with the French league 1. The problem was solved just by downloading the French ads pack for the preds-ads mod.


- juce for making sider
- dazzaa for testing v.0.1 (before public release) and for creating the EPLgoalscreams mod, that this mod is inspired by. (R.I.P. and thanks for your help)
- YimmyT for adding Serie A chants and helping out with La Liga chants
- mgjhmfhsfsdg for adding Nottingham Forest chants
- Averdom for adding Napoli chants


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