How To Add Your Own Chants with PES 2021 Chants Mod by Vlaf

How To Add Your Own Chants with PES 2021 Chants Mod by Vlaf

This guide is made & provided by Vlaf, all credits go to him. It's recommended to use Chants Mod by Vlaf before you made or add your own chants.

NOTE : If you find any bugs related to this mod please let report to official thread below

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How to add your own chants:

1. Download or record your chants

2. Edit your audio file (optional but recommended).

2. Find your Team ID at 


Look in the URL of your Team: Barcelona's TeamID = 108

3. Save your file as .mp3 and name it as TeamID_1.mp3, TeamID_2.mp3, TeamID_3.mp3 etc. (Barcelona example: 108_1.mp3)

4. Put your mp3 files into the following sider folder /content/audio-demo/chants

5. Start the game from sider.exe and play as your team on home turf

Fallback chants (normal chants)
Team ID + _1, 2, 3 etc.
Example: 108_1.mp3
Fallback works as the name suggests as your fallback or default chants. When you start a match the chants for the home team is counted and randomly picked and then randomly played 6 times throughout the match.

Loosing chants
Team ID + _L_1, _L_2, _L_3 etc.
Example: 108_L_1.mp3
Loosing chants will be played if the home team is loosing. The chants will only be played up to 2 times in the second half of the game.

Derby chants (Requires Chants mod v.0.4)
Home ID + _D_ + Away ID_1.mp3, _2.mp3, _3.mp3 etc.
Example 1: North London derby (Arsenal at home): 101_D_179_1.mp3
Example 2: El Classico (Barcelona at home): 108_D_109_1.mp3
Example 3: Merseyside derby (Liverpool at home): 103_D_177_1.mp3
Derby or rival chants will be played when the home team is playing against the away team defined above. The chants will be played 2-3 times throughout the match.

League chants (Requires Chants mod v.0.4)
G_ + Tournement ID_1.mp3, _2.mp3, _3.mp3 etc.
Example 1: La Liga: G_19_1.mp3
Example 2: Copa Del Rey: G_25_1.mp3
The League or cup chants will only be played for teams with chants between 0-8, except if you're playing a regional cup like Fa Cup or Copa Del Rey then the chants will be played in a match depending on various factors. Find the Tournament ID's for league chants in sider documentation here.

Team specific cup chants (Requires Chants mod v.0.4)
TeamID_ + Tournement ID_1.mp3, _2.mp3
Example 1: Arsenal FA Cup: 101_23_1.mp3
You can add team specific chants for regional cups too. This is great if your team has specific chants when playing cups. This feature is still quite experimental, and does not support international cups.

Good to know

  • By default you can add up to 20 fallback chants for every team, if necessary you can increase the number in the chants.lua (max_random_chants)
  • You can add loosing chants by adding _L_ to your file name like this TeamID_L_1.mp3 (Barcelona example: 108_L_1.mp3)
  • You can add derby chants by adding HomeID_D_AwayID to your file name like this TeamID_D_TeamID_1.mp3 (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid example: 108_D_109_1.mp3)
  • You can add league/cup chants by naming your files G_TournamentID like this G_TournamentID_1.mp3 (Copa Del Rey example: G_25_1.mp3)
  • If you find a chant that you don't like you can simply replace it with your own .mp3.
  • If you download chants from others, you may need to rename the chants if they are conflicting with chant names that you already have. Example rename 108_01.mp3 to 108_02.mp3

How to find chants?

The easiest source I've found is Search for your team, find a chant, download .mp3 by right clicking and save file, rename your file according to the guide above. You may want to edit the mp3 in Audacity or another audio editing software.

YouTube is also a great way to find chants. Use a YouTube to mp3 converter online like and put the mp3 into Audacity or another audio editing software, and save your mp3 according to the guide above.

Last but not least you could record your chants by yourself if you have the possibility to go and see your team playing.

How to edit your chants

Inspiration guide
Just to give you a very brief introduction to my editing, not to say you have to do the same, but you can use it as an inspiration.

Use your preferred audio software if you have any, or download Audacity for free. Personally I'm using Reason, VST plugins and Audacity. But any audio software will work.

Adjust looping
Some sounds doesn't loop that well, and it can be a good idea to clip out or move audio for more seamless looping sound.

Fade ins/outs
I'm adding fade in and fade out to every edit I'm doing. It varies from sound to sound, how much it is needed.
But generally you want your sound to blend naturally in to the game. And fade ins/outs is the simplest way to make this happening.

I'm playing around with reverbs and sometimes subtle delay effects to give the sound more width and fill out some ambience in the soundscape. You can achieve some great result with reverb, like getting a small crowd to sound like a big crowd, and also help smoothing out some of the short noises that can be annoying to listen to. But as much as can get great results, it's also easy to make it sound worse. So this defiantly something you have to play with to get better. I had a hard time getting great result in Audacity, maybe because I don't know much about how to use their effects. So I've moved my initial editing to a DAW name Reason and is using VST reverb plugin called Valhalla. This is payed software that I normally use for creating music, but I'm sure you get a long way with free software as well.

I use EQ effects to lower the volumes of sounds in the sound spectrum that I think is too loud. Examples could clapping sound that has too much treble, or it could be drums that has too much bass. Sometimes it can also be used for masking out annoying noise in the sound, but it is pretty hard to do well without destroying too much of the sound.

The last step to my editing is mix the sound file with and ambient source like stadium crowds. Ideally this should not be necessary if we had the perfect source files. But the quality of the recordings vary soo much that, that we in most cases cannot rely on them alone. The great thing about mixing the two files, is that you can create a stadium atmosphere, even from sounds that was recorded in the streets or somewhere else.

I'm aiming to make the volume of my chants around minus six db (-6db) when they are loudest.

Share your chants with others
If you have used your precious time to find and edit chants, why not share them with others? Without that thought in mind, this mod would not have existed.

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