PES 2008 Ultimate Editing Tools

PES 2008 Ultimate Editing Tools

PES 2008 Ultimate Editing Tools

Collection of PES 2008 Editing Tools over the years. I've collected this pack so these tools won't lost forever. These tools pack mostly for PES 2008 PC Editing but i've included few tools for PS2 aswell. All credit goes to all PES Tools developer for this amazing software. This tool pack only meant for archiving & educational only.

There are still few missing tools which sadly i don't have it, so i want you to share it if you see there's missing tools from this pack 😉

List of Programs :

DkZ Studio 0.92 PUBLIC BETA + 01.06.2006
Face HairStudiov1.2b by Skunk
Blender 2.49b Portable
Blender 2.48 Portable
FHEI 4cc v1.1b by Skunk
PES 2008 Oedit Converter 2008 V1.0 by Skunk
PES Oedit Blender Converter Version 1.5 by Skunk and Ariel
KitServer 7.4.3 Grand Finale by Juce
Camera Tweak 1.3 by Juce
Scaleform VideoEncoder
PES WEX strWorkshop by neogeo64
Scoreboard Editor V1.3 by Inas
PES ARG Editor 2008 0.4
PES 2008 Stadium Studio 2008 v0.1 + v1.1 by Stelios
Improved In Game Face Editor by Lobo
HxDSetup 2.5 for Win XP to Win 10
HxDSetup for Win 95 to Win 7
BSC Chants Relink Tool by Inas
BSC Banner Relinkv1.0 by Inas
PRO-EVO Editor 2008 V0.4 by Goldorakiller
PES Img Explorer 1.02 beta 2 by Jenkey1002
PES 2008 O.F. Editor v0.4.9 by w!Ld@
PES 2008 Kit Model Manager V2.0 by Yogui
ScoreBoard Editor 1.0.4 by Fastdog
PesComplete Editor 0.7 BETA by Mosu
PesComplete Editor 0.63 BETA by mosu
BSC Kit Viewer Tool 2.0 by Inas
BSC Supporters Colors Tool by Inas
GDBManager 7.1
STR Editor 2008
ADX to AIX Converter
AFSExplorer 3 7
Game Graphic Studio 7.4.0
PES 2008 PS2 Editor by Compulsion
PES Media Converter v2.00 by Jenkey1002
NoMad DBEditor 0.6BETA
Workshop WE2008 By LiRyNnDo
WE6FE Zlib Tools
Waterloo Set Default Color v.6
OpmovIO by Warpjavier
Photoshop Actions Conversion kit WE8-PES4 to PES2008-2013
Crowd Manager Basic by DiegoM10.


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