PES 2011 Ultimate Editing Tools

PES 2011 Ultimate Editing Tools

Collection of PES 2011 Editing Tools over the years. I've collected this pack so these tools won't lost forever. These tools pack mostly for PES 2011 PC Editing but i've included few tools for PS2 aswell. All credit goes to all PES Tools developer for this amazing software. This pack only meant for archiving & educational only.

There are still few missing tools which sadly i don't have it, so if any of you had some old tools from the past please share it in comment 😉

List of Programs :

Kitserver 11.1.1 by Juce & Robbie
ADX to AIX Converter 
AFS Explorer 3 7 
Appearance Generated Ev1.6 by phranck 
Auto Logo Gloves by Michal17Widzew 
BAL EDITOR v2.0.137 by Inttny 
Bal Money tool 1.0 by jenkey1002 
Ball Changer 2011 by Michal17Widzew 
Boots Changer 2011 by Micha  17Widzew 
Brute force Save Data 4.6 
Callname String Editor 2011 by Michal17Widzew 
Callname Studio 2011 by Michal17Widzew 
Camera Maker 0.1 by Panos 
Chants Relink by Michal17Widzew 
Commentary Maker 2.1  All  by Omar Ahmed
Blender 2.48
Blender Portable 2.49b
FEI STUDIO 2010 2.0b by Skunk
oedit-0.2a by Arushan
PES to Oedit Converter V1.0 by ModdingWay
Console Crowd Exporter 2011 by Panos 
Database Changer by Michal17Widzew 
DkZ Studio 0.92 PUBLIC BETA + 01.06.2006 
ECU (ExtraContentUnlocker) v1.0 by LeoArsalan 
Extra Content Unlocker by 222 
faceserver 11 beta5 by Juce 
Faceserver GDB Manager 1.0.2 
Faceserver 11 BETA 6 by Juce 
faTal.Master League Money 
FHD V3 by Winsar 
Game Graphic Studio 7.40 
GDB face manager 2011 v3.8 by Jenkey1002 
GDBManager 11.0.0 by Juce 
GoalNet color relink tool v0.1 by Jenkey1002 
HD Tools by Michal17Widzew 
HD Studio v5.0.0 by LeoArsalan 
HDTools by Michal17Widzew 
Higgs X360 PS3 Geo Location Editor 
HxDSetup for Win 95 to Win 7 
HxDSetup 2.5 for Win XP to Win 10 
Jenkeys League Additon Tool Manager Beta 0.1 
Kit Relink v2 by PES BALKAN 
Libertadores Unlocker 
Logo Ball v1.0.1 by Michal17Widzew 
Map League Editor 1.0.4 by Michal17Widzew 
Map League Editor by BaCkDoOr 
Marcador Selector CA2011 by  cave 
Master League Money Tool 1.1   jenkey1002 
Mega Link by EPT 
Menu Image Convertor by Fabim Galoucura 
Menu Animation Exporter Importer by Michal17Widzew 
Menu Animation Tool V2.0.0 By LeoArsalan 
ML Money 1.0 by 222 
ML Money by Michal17Widzew 
Multi Checksum by 222 
Net Shape Tools by Michal17Widzew 
NHL 7 Games Editor FOR PES 2011 ENGLISH 
OF MultiManager v1.0 By Demo AF 
OF Mngr 1.1 by Demo AF 
PES EDITOR PS2 by Fabio Vitor7 
PES 2011 Bloom Mod 
PES 2011 PS3 X360 Param Editor V1.4 by Higgs79 
PES Commentary Codes Exporter by adams06 
PES Commentary Converter by adams06 
PES File Explorer 2014 full Jenkey1002 
PES OF Editor 2011 2014 1.1.1  PS2 3DS PSP  
PES PS2 Editor 2011 
PES Sound File Converter 1.8 by Referee 
PES WEX strWorkshop by neogeo64 
PES 2011 BAL EDITOR 4.0.141 by EPT 
PES 2011 Editor v1.5 by w!Ld@ 
PES COLOR by Michal17Widzew 
PES ImageConverter1.1  
PES 2011 Loading color tool by Jenkey1002 
PES 2011 ML starting year by Jenkey1002 
PES 2011 Multi relink tool 1.2   jenkey1002 
PES 2011 Bal Studio 1.0 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Camera Settings 1.6 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Checksum by MxSonic 
PES 2011 DATA EDITOR v1.11 by Patros46 
PES 2011 Fan Club 1.0 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 ML Settings 1.1 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Money ML 1.0 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Option FIle Changer 1.2 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Option FIle Editor 1.1 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 PS3 Camera Settings 1.1 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 Timer 1.3 by MxSonic 
PES 2011 OFV Changer 0.2 by m!ChaL!S 
PES 2011 Ultimate Data Explorer v2.8.5 
PES 2011 Ultimate Editor v3.0.8 by barcafan 
Preference Generated v1.0 by artt phranck 
Pro Evo 2011 EDITING STUDIO v3.1.0.0 Beta Goldorakiller 
Referee kits selector V1.2 by THE Joker 
Replace League by Michal17Widzew 
Replay Disabler v1.3 BETA by cabry 
Save Menager by Michal17Widzew 
SaveData Folder Changer Pes 2011 v1.1 by BaCkDoOr 
SBPreviewer by Stranxk V1.0 
Scaleform VideoEncoder 
Scoreboard Previewer Tool by Stranxk Version 1.0 
Scoreboard Selector 2011 v2.1r 
Scoreboard Selector for PES 2011 by BaCkDoOr 
Scoreboard Editor 1.03 by Michal17Widzew 
Scoreboard Editor 6.01 by Michal17Widzew 
ScoreboardSelectorv1.2.1 by Demo AF 
Side Unlocker by Juce 
Stadium Importer Exporter 0.82 
SuperCup by Michal17Widzew 
Team Callname Relink by Michal17Widzew 
Tool Collection 3.0 to 3.05 by MxSonic 
Turf HD Tool V1.0 By LeoArsalan 
WEPictureDecoder 1 95 by WE Team 
Xexx Style Graphic  Efectos electronicos para vallas v1.1 
Zlib Drag and Drop by Michal17Widzew 
Zlib Drag&Drop by LeoArsalan
Newgameplay tool 0.6 final Jenkey1002
Newgameplay tool 0.7.7 RC1 by Jenkey1002
Newgameplay tool 0.8.0 full by Jenkey1002
Newgameplay tool 0.8.5 beta by Jenkey1002
Newgameplay tool 0.9.0 beta by Jenkey1002
Newgameplay tool 0.9.9 + Hotfix 09/08 by Jenkey1002
PES 2011 Gameplay patch tool 2.0 by Yair & Jenkey1002
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.05
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.06a & 1.06b
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.07
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.08
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.09
PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by 1.31
PES2011 yair25 gameplay 2.5
PES2011 yair25 gameplay 2.6.1


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