PES 2020 Ultra Realistic Legends Patch V2

PES 2020 Ultra Realistic Legends Patch

PES 2020 Ultra Realistic Legends Patch

PES 2020 Classic Patch by peslegendsleague, compatible only with PES 2020 1.08.01 DataPack 8.0


94 Classic Era Teams (23 Legendary National and 71 Legendary European Club) - Eras Covered from Mid 90's to early 2010's

General Features :

Era Squads: I have tried to add teams for each Glorious era I can. Some teams have only 1 team (e.g. Leeds United 1999-2003) while others have up 4 or 5 (Real Madrid, Man United Etc.)

Era Ratings: one of my biggest pet peeves with classic patches is that the legend players have the same ratings in different era teams. I'm trying to fix this, for example, Ryan Giggs in 1997 will be rated higher than Giggs in 2007 with more pace etc. Also Andri's patch has a lot of inaccuracies in ratings, even defenders have high ratings for Offensive Awareness for example

Era Faces: Trying to have different faces for different eras as much as possible. e.g. beckham has 6 different faces/hair in the patch for his different teams

Under Kit Colours: Something that most patchmakers ignore is the colours they apply to the kits before pasting images. The shirt colour affects the colours your supporters in the crowd wear and also undersleeves, the shorts colour affects the colour of the undershorts so it should match the kit shorts, the socks color should always be white so that you can see the ankle tape properly

Uniform Styles: Assigning correct uniform styles such as long/short sleeve, under shorts, ankle/wrist tape, boots that the player wore in that era

Squad Numbers: Trying to assign the correct numbers to the correct era as much as possible, some inaccuracies can't be avoided as players overlap over the era

Era Kits: Having the correct era kits and trying to give a diverse set of kits for the era, fixing the kit numbers (markings) as much as possible

DB Editing: Mostly done. Fixed the nationality of all the added teams in the Database files. This is done so that the supporters in the crows hold up banners in the correct language. Changed the added legendary national teams to be "National" so that they can have a national anthem and participate in the [un]official world cup tournament included in the game. Changed the region of the PLA league to Europe so that you can choose teams from it to participate in the [un]official Champions League included in the game.

Some of these are huge tasks so I realize I may never complete them. But a few more months of lockdown and you never know :)

Here are some previews, please like the videos and subscribe on Youtube if you want to see more:

Preview :

Thread :

PASSWORD : evoweb2021

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